Saturday, May 29, 2004

First Weblog

Well, with the blogging craze sweeping over the grounds of Malaysia, I guess I should not be left out either. I have read quite a few foreigners' webblogs. Rather interesting lives compared to me.

Well, today's the very first day of holiday. And that means no more waking up as early as 5:30 every morning, reaching school at around 6:10 am and having the honour of being the first to arrive at my block.

I am so happy holiday's finally coming. Just finished my exam yesterday. I should be able to get the first in the whole cohort again, I hope, since I have been getting the first for four consequtive years.

I guess it won't really be holiday for me. I have better be studying. SPM is just around the corner and I must achieve excellent results or I'm doomed for life. I hope to secure myself some scholarships, be it jpa or asean scholarships.


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